One Each of The Most Basic Shapes
Round and Oval Facetted Stonecuts
Square and Rectangular Stonecuts
Triangular and Hexagonal Stonecuts

Irregular and Unusual Facettted Stonecuts

  Frosted Facets Showing Designs and Patterns  
  Experimental Designs  
  Collected Zips  
(To come later....)  

These models are free for the use of anyone, but I request that if you have found these models of value, drop the designer a 'thank you' note--you'll earn karma points, and they will know their work is appreciated.

We have had reports of a few people downloading the Zip files only to discover that there are no 'contents' in the archives. The reason appears to be due to the use of 'download accelerator' applications. If this occurs, temporarily disable such apps.