Since I purchased GemCadWin, I have been having fun exploring for myself the fun of designing new gemstone cuts. These models are purely experimental in nature; not having been first designed and made by a true lapidary artist, like the other gemstone cuts available on this site. They are only the product of computer graphics fun and have never been created in the 'real world'. If I have inadvertently re-invented a particular cut designed by someone else, let me know.

We have had reports of a few people downloading the Zip files only to discover that there are no 'contents' in the archives. The reason appears to be due to the use of 'download accelerator' applications. If this occurs, temporarily disable such apps.


Rendered View

Six Starred Symbol

(3K ZIP -OBJ file)

Square Framed Cross

(5K ZIP -DXF file)

I started with an emerald-cut square base and made various cuts on both the pavilion and crown.

Old Fashioned Round

(5K ZIP -DXF file)

Starting with a Standard Round Brilliant cut, I made cut alterations on the crown, which looked like an old stained/beveled glass window.

The Compass

(6K ZIP -DXF file)

A cushion style cut with a pronounced 'compass' flair.

Steppe Flower

(4K ZIP -DXF file)

A series of step cuts help to break up the light.

Steppe Compass Rose

(6K ZIP -DXF file)

A octogon cut with another 'compass' look to it.

Portugese Jack

(5K ZIP -DXF file)

A spiraling 'Portugese' style crown over a modified 'Simple Jack' pavilion. (Although I might do the pavilion differently next time--well, live and learn).