Please note: The facetted renderings use the same material settings (in terms of refraction and transparency) for the sake of uniformity of display. Some of the cuts were designed for different stone types--try using different materials settings--a little change can make a large difference in how the model renders. Check the "Materials" section of this website for more information.

We have had reports of a few people downloading the Zip files only to discover that there are no 'contents' in the archives. The reason appears to be due to the use of 'download accelerator' applications. If this occurs, temporarily disable such apps.

Just starting? Check out our collected zip files in various 3d file formats. Then drop back in from time to time to see what new items have been added.

Rendered View

Sister Clement's Cross - (Frosted)

(11K ZIP -obj and bmp files)

Robert Strickland


Spider Gem

(21K ZIP --obj and bmp files)

(21K ZIP --obj and pct files)

Bob Keller

Bob's Rock Shop

Zip files contain both 3D model and texture map image.